Life has no meaning until you give it one...
Celebrity Spotlight… A deep look into what moves the iconic figure, Bill Maher
We open 2016 in the Theme of Tension, giving us all an impulse to adjust our lives, dramatically if need be, and realign with the present and upcoming times and seasons. Change is in the air, and more so at this time than ever before in living or recorded memory.  This Theme of Tension plays out 4 times a year, at the beginning of January, April, July and October and helps us ‘stay on our toes,’ and be prepared for any needed course corrections in our actions, beliefs or theories about life that are shown to us to be out of date, unrealistic or misguided.
The ‘race’ to the White House goes on amidst global changes, in climate, politics and religions, and in this artickle we continue looking into Bernie Sander’s Human Design Life Chart. 
In American politics particularly, nothing can be taken for granted except politicians’ ways of stirring up moral indignation and outrage.  As to whether the outrage has anything to do with the politician’s own moral code, or if they are just chasing poll numbers and approval ratings