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The Oligarchies….Part 3 - Hillary Clinton's Human Design

    In our third article on the oligarchies, we have a look into Hillary Clinton’s Design to have a look at the motivating drive within her and her aspirations to the Presidency of the United States.  In this article I am going to make a more detailed approach to describe the makeup of an Incarnation Theme and also some of what I see as the more relevant Channels, Gates and Lines in Hillary’s Human Design Life Chart.  

The Oligarchies……Part 2 | Human Design

Recep Tayyip Erdogan was born into the Personal Life Theme of Planning, a particular Incarnation Theme that may deliver its holder into a form of schizophrenia if they are not really watchful and clear in their motivations. This potential form of schizophrenia exists because the “Planner” is not only constrained to plan for their own interests but also for the interests of their family, community, associates and everyone with whom they relate closely and for whom they feel responsibility, willingly or not.

Of Sultans and Tzars …. and other Oligarchs | Human Design

The Oligarchies There is an ancient story you might have heard before…… that in a land far away there is a Mountain on whose slopes are inscribed the names of all the most famous leaders, kings, chiefs, sultans, conquerors, politicians, priests and others who have ruled over masses of people or subjugated vast territories. When they die, tradition requires each leader approach the Mountain’s keepers to have their name inscribed for glorious posterity on the Mountain’s walls.